CBD and COVID-19: where research stands in 2020

Can CBD help prevent and fight COVID-19, even in severe cases?  

Researchers are still learning more each day about the seemingly magical and unending powers of CBD and the cannabis plant.  When it comes to COVID-19, recent findings have shown that:

Researchers at Augusta University led by Babak Baban, PhD, Department of Oral Biology and Diagnostic Sciences, DCG, DCG Center for Excellence in Research, performed a study proposing that

CBD and Covid

CBD and Covid - is there any evidence that CBD helps with covid

CBD and Coronavirus - research show promise

The therapeutic strategy of using CBD as one of the tools at our disposal for the treatment and the prevention of COVID-19 still needs continued validation and experimentation, but the evidence is strong already and growing. 

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The above does not constitute medical claims, pertaining to the efficacy of either CBD or of our products when it comes to preventing or treating Covid-19. Such claims have not been approved by the FDA. The below is simply meant to report on recent articles/publications reporting on the matter.


Can Organic CBD Drops help prevent or treat covid-19

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