Organic CBDA+CBGA: exciting news for covid protection

CBDA and CBGA: New research is in

The world of hemp was rocked in January 2022 when Oregon State University published the findings of their research showing that the combination of two hemp compounds helps to prevent coronavirus from entering human cells.

The compounds identified are CBDA and CBGA (cannabidiolic acid and cannabigerolic acid respectively). The study  "found that a pair of cannabinoid acids bind to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, blocking a critical step in the process the virus uses to infect people.", stated Steve Lundeberg of the OSU newsroom. 

This is fantastic news!

This breakthrough study states "these cannabinoids, ... have the potential to prevent as well as treat infection by SARS-CoV-2."

We got to work right away to create a line of products delivering these two important cannabinoids in the most valuable form possible, raw full spectrum extracts.

Understanding CBDA and CBGA 

Organic CBDA and CBGA product by NuuMe Organics

You may wonder at this stage how CBDA and CBGA differ from CBD and CBG. The answer is simple: CBDA and CBGA are the forms of the molecules found within the hemp plant, which can be carried through into raw hemp extract. CBD and CBG are the same molecules after the extract has been heated enough to convert, or "decarboxylate" them. In other words, during the optional "decarb" process of heating the extract, CBDA becomes CBD and CBGA becomes CBG. 

To obtain CBDA and CBGA-rich extracts, we made a few changes in our lab, and we could not be happier with the outstanding quality of these extracts!

Not all CBGA and CBDA products are created equal

Those of you familiar with hemp products already know that the key to efficacy lies in the spectrum of actives. Isolating one molecule (CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN...) may look good on paper but it takes away from the stunning therapeutic potential, which only full spectrum products fully deliver. 

As always with NuuMe, we do not use isolates in our products, but instead full spectrum extracts. The spectrum of our extracts is unrivaled. It stems from our proprietary hemp cultivars, our highly tuned in cold extraction process and the beautiful regenerative organic farming practices our small hemp farm specializes in.

The result of caring and careful development

In example, our Daily Protection Drops not only deliver 250mg of CBDA and 250mg of CBGA but they also include an astounding 250mg of additional beneficial molecules (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, micronutrients) which all contribute to the symphonic entourage effect.

We could not be more excited to bring this new product to market. 

As far as we know, it is the first of its kind: an organic certified potent combination of CBDA and CBGA made entirely from raw full spec extracts, endowing a beautiful spectrum of actives.

We are so very hopeful that this new product contributes to elevating the health and peace we all long for. 

With love, from sunny Colorado, 

The NuuMe team.



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