Which NuuMe products are right for you?

Disclaimer: the statements below have not been reviewed by the FDA. 


NuuMe products are life changing. Our customers know it and love us for it. Now if you’re new to NuuMe, you may need some pointers when it comes to deciding which Nuume products are right for you.
Which CBD products are right for me with NuuMe OrganicsPlease do not take the below as medical advice: it is not. We operate under a very strict set of rules which prevent us from making any medical claims. Take the below merely as what is is: a summary of what we would recommend based on

the published research when it comes to hemp and CBD, as well as the feedback we’ve been receiving for 6+ years from the many customers whose quality of life has drastically improved thanks to NuuMe product
Anxiety: our Daily Drops is the way to go. When it comes to picking Strength (standard strength or extra strength that is), many factors come into play: from your corpulence to the time of day you will be taking the Drops. We like to recommend taking a Dropper of Standard Strength Drops in the morning and another one of Extra Strength Drops in the afternoon or evening. This setup will allow you to remain fresh and engaged all day, while boosting your after-work wellbeing.
Sleep: no brainer: Daily Drops Extra Strength. Our recommendation is to take one full dropper 30min to an hour before bed.
Muscle/Joint Pain: we like to recommend a tag teaming approach. That is Drops to handle inflammation from the inside and a Topical to approach it locally (i.e. where it hurts), from the outside. If that is too much for you, start with just a topical which should offer significant relief within 10/15 minutes.
Arthritis: our Salve Extra Strength is likely to profoundly improve your quality of Organic CBD Salve by NuuMe Organicslife. We launched it a few months ago based on the many requests from our arthritic customers who were using our Standard Strength Salve and who were begging us for a more potent version :-) We went ahead and supercharged our salve with 1500mg of CBD. The results have been incredible and the stories we've been hearing ever since have been incredibly touching. If you do not suffer from arthritis yourself but know someone who does, please consider gifting our salve. This simple act of kindness may change someone's life. 
Eczema: we have heard incredibly heart warming stories from customers with eczema when they started using our Face Serum: high quality oils combined with our potent hemp distillate yields wonderful results for the skin. Our serum was originally conceived for the thinner, more delicate skin of the face but it can be used on any body part. 
Anti-aging & hydration: our organic Facial Serum is wonderful for the face (though man customers use it on their hands too). Its combination of anti-aging Organic CBD Serumand hydration properties go a long way. Its scent is delightful which doesn't hurt :-). For body hydration, we like to recommend our Relief Lotion: it comes with 500mg of organic CBD and a lovely scent combining Lime, Basil and Spruce Essential Oils. 
Other: if you are reading this, chances are that you are someone who does their own research. Good for you!. There is plenty of published research when it comes to the efficacy of CBD and other cannabinoids on a variety of conditions. While we are not in a position to make medical claims, what we can guarantee is that it is our firm belief, after thorough analysis of the competitive landscape, that NuuMe offers the highest quality hemp/CBD products on the market. So if science seems to indicate that hemp/CBD can help, NuuMe products are a wonderful place to start since our products come with an unparalleled spectrum of actives which is the key to efficacy and genuinely transformative effects.
Should you have any question, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 970 571 7959 or to shoot us an email at hi@nuume.com.