How come your products are so much more affordable than other brands?

We are a small company. We have been in business for almost 6 years (a small eternity in the CBD space). We are vertically integrated, meaning we farm, extract and manufacture all in one location in Brush, Colorado. We are not publicly traded, we are not tied to greedy investors, we have been reinvesting for years. Unlike other brands, we are not overextended because of a gigantic extraction facility, fancy offices or a bunch of overpaid executives ;-). Our founder is still working the farm everyday and everyone on our team probably does the job of two or three people! More importantly, we are not doing this as a get rich quick scheme. We do this out of reverence for the wonderful healing powers of hemp and what it means in terms of relief and well being for our customers. Our motto is 'People before Profits'. We priced our products at a level where they are accessible to most people. Our customers are appreciative of the remarkable value Nuume products offer. As such, they are loyal. We love them and they love us! :-)


Are your products really organic?

Yes!  We farm, extract and manufacture organically. The result is a line that is USDA Organic certified (as in 3rd party auditors regularly come and audit our farm, our facility, our practices and our documentation to make sure that we are indeed organic). At the farm, we go beyond organic farming with advanced soil regeneration and water conservation practices. Our farm has been USDA Certified Organic since 2016. Our extraction and manufacturing facility has been certified organic in 2018, making us the first company in the US to obtain USDA Organic certification for CBD products. The only product in our line that is not organic certified is our lotion. The reason for it is that there are no organic certified emulsifiers on the market today. With that said, ur lotion contains 90%+ organic certified ingredients. 


What does full spectrum mean and is it better for me?

We have an in-depth explanation on this page. Long story short: full spectrum products are the most efficacious, therapeutic hemp products out there. Nuume's products lead the industry in terms of spectrum.


Will NuuMe products get me high?

No.¬†CBD is not psychoactive. Although some customers report feeling ‚Äúdifferent‚Ä̬†after consuming our Drops, this is normal when consuming quality hemp products.¬†


Will I test positive for THC on a drug test if I use your products?

As part of the spectrum they offer, our products do contain trace amounts of Delta-9 THC (below the authorized legal limit of 0.3% in dry weight). There are many factors that would come into play as to whether or not one would test positive for THC on a drug test, including but not limited to the method of the test, sensitivity level, corpulence  etc. While it is very unlikely to test positive, it is not impossible.


What types of conditions will your products help with?

We operate in a legal frame where we are not allowed to make any medical claims. So we won't. However, there is copious amounts of research that attests of the efficacy of CBD when it comes to preventing and treating a variety of conditions. As much as we'd like to spell things out more clearly on this site, we are not allowed to do so. If you are here, you have probably heard that CBD might hep with your condition. We are glad you landed on this website as we genuinely believe that our products are the best, most efficacious CBD products on the market.


How long will it take for me to feel the effects of the products?

It really depends. While some customers feel the effect of our products right away (for both drops and topicals), it is important to remember that everyone and every body is different! It is recommended to take an herbal dietary supplement for at least two weeks daily in order for the body to naturally adjust to the effects. We encourage you to be patient 


Are these products legal?

If you live in the US, yes. The 2018 Farm Bill fully legalized hemp products at a federal level.