Our Story: turning a vision into the best CBD brand on the market.

How the story started…  

The story of NuuMe Organics started in beautiful Colorado a few years ago. After having experienced first hand the life changing effects the hemp plant had on his own health issues, our founder Dexter decided to make it his life’s work to create the best hemp products on the market.

Dexter’s reverence for the hemp plant is absolute. As a man who does not cut corners, Dexter went all in. He invested all of his savings, borrowed money from his grand mother and bought a  small piece of land to start turning his hemp dream into a reality.

Fast forward a few years: Quality pays off.

Dexter, founder of Nuume Organics

From the get-go, Dexter’s focus was to create exceptional products with truly transformative properties.

To that end, following a very holistic, yet extremely scientific approach, Dexter:

- created his own breed of hemp with an exceptional spectrum of actives

- obtained the first ever USDA organic certification for a hemp farm

- developed a deeply regenerative hemp farming system to foster soil and plant life

- created a proprietary cold extraction process to capture all the actives of the plant.

All of this took 5 years and tremendous efforts and sacrifices. Dexter sold most of his production to other businesses.


Meeting of the minds. Hello NuuMe!

Meanwhile, Paris-born Olivier was living half way across the world. When his brother was diagnosed with cancer, he did some research and decided to buy him some CBD. He could not believe the price points on these products. 

When Dexter and Olivier met, their visions clicked. Dexter had built something absolutely incredible but has zero interest in sales and marketing.

USDA Organic CBD Brand: NuuMe

Together, they decided to create NuuMe. The idea was to create a brand that reflects the exceptional quality that Dexter had managed to create over the years.

Exceptional quality, organic purity, unmatched efficacy and beautiful packaging were all central to the identity of NuuMe. But the one final touch was a bold and crucial one: value. Both Dexter and Olivier wanted NuuMe to be as affordable as can be. The transformative nature of NuuMe products is so profound that making price a barrier was not an option. As a consequence, our prices are 20 to 60% lower than comparable products. For veterans, people on long term disability or low-income people, Nuume offers an assistance program with a very deep discount. 


Welcome to the NuuMe family.

If you are reading this and your are new to Nuume, welcome. We would be honored to become a part of your health and wellness routine. Our products have transformed the live of so many people for the better. We hope you take the leap. To help you take it, here’s a promo code that will give you a 15% discount on your first purchase: giveusatry.

If you already know and use our products, we simply want to express our gratitude. We are a small business trying to do the right thing and none of this would be feasible without you. We appreciate you.



Organic CBD, Exceptional Value: NuuMe Organics