Best CBD brand in 2020: Lab reports tell all. And the winner is...

Best CBD brand in 2020: Lab reports tell the story. Guess who shines!

Figuring out what is the best CBD brand in 2020 is no easy task. There are literally thousands of CBD brands on the market, many good, quite a few bad. In an effort to be helpful, we did the legwork for you.

Some background...

There are many wonderful products and brands, and many bad actors, which thankfully are getting identified and exposed. We decided to focus on some of the biggest brands out there. Our approach was not to rely on marketing claims or looks, or price, but simply on lab reports. In other words, who delivers the best product out there, based on what is actually inside the bottle. We also decided to focus our research on tinctures, which is the staple of the CBD industry.

Deciding of what is the best CBD brand in 2020 based on lab reports is somewhat skewed, as branding and pricing are also essential in the experience of purchasing and enjoying a CBD product. We address these specific attributes in separate posts.

Back to our lab reports. Lab reports are technical documents, typically issued by a 3rd party lab specializing in CBD/hemp analysis. CBD brands send samples of each of their production batches and after a few days, labs send their reports, detailing the chemical composition of the products in question

How full is your full spectrum?

Science is clear that CBD alone is far less helpful than CBD combined with a full spectrum of other actives. Those includes cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. Let's dig in and review the top CBD brands in 2020, based on their lab reports.


Best CBD brand in 2020: comparing lab reports


You may wonder how is it that Nuume Organics can outshine competition. Is Nuume Organics the best CBD brand in 2020? Who knows... but it is surely leading the pack when it comes to the amount of actives contained in its products. The symphonic effect of this exceptionally full spectrum of cannabinoids leads to a more therapeutic effect, for a wide range of conditions. It stems from years of efforts and research, both at the farm and in the lab.

Nuume Organics offers far more than just CBD. It delivers a market-leading spectrum of cannabinoids. So is NuuMe Organics more expensive? Turns out that no, it is actually also leading the pack in terms of value for money.

Mission before Profits

Lab reports confirm that we fully fulfill our mission of creating the most therapeutic hemp products on the market. We might be slightly biased, but when it comes to picking the best CBD brand in 2020, our vote goes to NuuMe Organics :-). 


 Shine on - Nuume Organics


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