How Long Does CBD Oil Last? Expiration date and shelf life for CBD oil explained.

Does cannabis-based CBD oil expire? As a company that has been manufacturing organic CBD oil for 6+ years now, we are happy to help shed some light on this issue. Let's dive in:

Does CBD oil expire? How much CBD Oil should I buy at once?

The amount of CBD oil you need will depend on the amount and the frequency at which you tend to consume your CBD oil. People call CBD oil a variety of products, ranging from CBD tinctures, CBD massage oils or even full spectrum hemp extract drops. When it comes to benefits, studies show that a consistent and prolonged intake of CBD oil yields the best results. 

Like most ingestible products, CBD oil has a shelf-life, which ought to be marked on the packaging of the item you buy. How is this shelf life determined by the manufacturer? Two options:

  • by looking at the shelf life of all ingredients used to manufacture said product and assigning the closest of these dates as the official expiration/best before date of the resulting products
  • by conducting what are called 'shelf life studies', typically through 3rd party labs (either with retained samples from old batches or by doing prospective accelerated shelf life studies). 

Both strategies will help a company determine a data-backed expiration date fro their CBD oil products. A company selling CBD oil ought not only to mark the Best Before Date on each product, they also ought to be able to justify and document why and how they established this shelf life for this particular product.

At NuuMe, we have extensive experience in manufacturing high quality organic CBD oils and typically offer an 18-month shelf life on most of our CBD products. That is 18 months from the day of production. Consequently, when you buy your NuuMe CBD product, you will likely have somewhere between 12 and 18 months left of shelf life on your product before it expires.

Expiration date and shelf life for CBD oil - How longs does CBD oil last?

How long is CBD oil supposed to last?

CBD oil does not spoil quickly. Typically, what many refer to as CBD oil is a combination of hemp extract and a carrier oil (MCT oil, sunflower oil...). When it comes to the risk CBD oil "going bad", the main concern would be for the carrier oil to turn bad. As part of our quality control checks, we can guarantee that, if the product is consumed before its best before date, the potency of the product will be the same as when it was first bottled. We only produce small batches of hemp extract and of finished product in order to keep our retail-ready CBD products as fresh as can be, and as efficacious as can be. 

Manufacturing considerations for extended storage life for CBD oil

The cannabis industry is a recent one and is still marred with a number of companies making claims they struggle to substantiate and/or with sub-par quality control processes that may have a detrimental effect on consumers and ultimately on the whole industry. Things are getting better and bad actors are getting weeded out (no pun intended ;-)). Having been servicing our customers for 6+ years, we have a strong track record of uncompromised quality.

We are also very lucky to be in a position to control our quality from seed to bottle. We do everything in house and do not rely on 3rd party manufacturers. Our in-house quality control checks are strenuous (be it for our hemp our hemp extract or our retail ready CBD products), thus guaranteeing optimal freshness, purity, efficacy and shelf life to our products. 

When it comes to storage of your CBD oil, most manufacturers in the CBD space use amber glass bottles and jars to reduce and eliminate exposure to sunlight and UV rays, which affect shelf life adversely. At NuuMe, we also keep our facility and our storage room temperature control (which is a necessity in our books with the great variations in temperature that Colorado offers).

Storage temperature for CBD oil

What is the shelf life of hemp extract?

We farm and extract our own hemp in-house and have been doing so for several years. Having a long record of high quality production, we offer a 24-month shelf life guarantee on our batches of hemp extract. How did we get to that number? With time, experience and plenty of 3rd party lab testing.

Over the years, we have accumulated sufficient data to attest that there is no loss in potency and no deterioration in the actives profile, taste or appearance of our hemp extract within 24 months of production. 

Consumer Considerations for extended storage life

As a consumer, you can store your CBD oil appropriately to prolong its life. Remember to keep your CBD away from heat, excessive sunlight, and humidity.

  • Store your CBD in a cool, dry, and dark place, especially if you're using capsules or softgels.
  • Make sure that your CBD bottles are stored upright, and never leave them open.
  • Keep CBD away from the oven, stove, and other heat-producing appliances.
  • Room temperature is acceptable to store your CBD oil. Some people like to keep their CBD oil oil the fridge once opened. It is not a requirement and may cause mild (and harmless) crystallization. 
  • It is not recommended to place your CDB inside your car because of the resulting temperature variations

Where should you purchase Premium Quality organic CBD Oil.

Purchase NuuMe Organics CBD oil from us today to not only support a small business doing the right thing, but to discover the absolute difference between typical 'CBD oil' and our full spectrum organic Daily CBD Drops.  

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