Organic CBD Oil Vs. Non-Organic CBD Oil: Why Organic Matters

Considering the large number of new products available in the rapidly rising CBD and hemp market, most find the CBD space confusing. Without a doubt, the “organic” word is one of the primary sources of confusion, particularly regarding CBD oil.

So, what does “organic” mean? As you will discover, organic CBD covers the whole span, from the way the hemp was grown to the way to is processed, all the way to the other ingredients used in the making of the product.

What is Organic Hemp?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines organic as any product grown or produced without the use of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge or ionizing radiation.

For this purpose, "organic hemp" means hemp that has been cultivated under these strict conditions. As a result, “organic CBD oil” (or organic hemp oil) is a CBD oil that is organic through and through. Meaning on at least two levels: it is extracted from organic hemp and then processed organically, i.e. using only organic ingredients, without artificial chemical additives.

Moreover, many of today's most hardworking hemp growers are now involved in “organic regenerative” practices such as organic farming methods that focus on soil health, fostering a healthy ecosystem and preserving soils and grasslands so that the land continues to be sustainable for future generations. At NuuMe, our hemp farm has been USDA Organic certified since 2016 and our extraction facility since 2018. We are big believers and resolute practitioners of regenerative farming.

Why Choose Organic CBD?

Is Organically Produced CBD Oil Better? Yes. Undoubtedly. Organic hemp is ‘cleaner' because it is free artificial pesticides and fertilizers, has not been genetically engineered or exposed to chemical toxins. Organically grown CBD oil is, simply put, a more natural product, made with greater respect for the environment. Now within the organic CBD oil family, there is also of course a hierarchy and some products are superior. After thorough market analysis (and copious customer feedback), we do believe that Nuume Organics is the best organic CBD oil brand out there. And we can prove it!

Slowly but surely, chemical pesticides and fertilizers drain the soil from its fauna, flora and natural nutrients. Studies have shown that fruits and vegetables treated with pesticides may cause allergic reactions. The cumulative effect of daily consumption of very small doses of chemicals through the food we eat is also very much of a suspect in the state of our health in western nations. 

Over the years, many studies have established conclusively that chemical pesticides and fertilizers have detrimental effects on the environment, affecting air and water quality, and as well as endangering both the wildlife and the fauna and flora of the soil. 

organic CBD oil by NuuMe Organics

For your organic CBD products to be certified organic, another requirement is for all other ingredients that went into the making of the products to be organic certified as well. As an example, the MCT coconut oil we use in our organic CBD oil drops is USDA Organic certified. So are the beeswax or the shea butter we use in our organic CBD salves, etc. 

Buying organic CBD oil guarantees you to consume products without artificial chemicals and that it has been grown, handled, and prepared without exposure to toxic additives.

Types of Organic CBD

Many people are confused when it comes to the words cannabis, hemp or marijuana. Simply put: both hemp and marijuana are strains of the cannabis sativa plant. There are significant differences between them, with the major one being the concentration in  the psychoactive compound, known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While marijuana is very rich in THC, hemp only contains a small amount of THC, and consequently has almost no psychoactive effect. 

The following is a quick overview of popular organic CBD products present in today's market: (Please note, NuuMe does not sell all of these types)

  • Organic CBD isolate: isolated CBD is typically 98-99% pure. Due to the way it is manufactured and processed, CBD isolate can not be organic. at NuuMe we are not fans of CBD isolate, simply because all the science shows that CBD works well with its entourage of other cannabinoids. In other words: CBD is not a solo act! 
  • Organic CBD wax: This concentrate is like a thick balm and can cause almost instantaneous effects.
  • Organic CBD Topicals: Includes organic face serums, organic lotions, organic soaps,  balms/ointments, and shampoos enriched with CBD.
  • Organic CBD oils: Also known as Organic CBD tinctures, organic CBD drops... what they are is a combination of organic hemp extract and a carrier oil.
  • Organic CBD edibles: Generally marketed as bakery products or sweets (think organic CBD gummies)
  • Organic CBD Vape Products: Natural CBD liquids intended for vaping. Typically a blend of organic hemp distillate, organic flavoring and organic hemp derived terpenes. 
  • Organic CBD tablets and capsules: Initial research shows promising properties of neuroprotection, anti-anxiety and pain reduction.  

What is Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains all cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, proteins, and terpenes made available from the organic hemp plant. This full spectrum of actives is the key to the efficacy of organic full spectrum CBD oils. The fuller/broader the spectrum, the greatest the benefits. 

At Nuume, we offer the fullest spectrum of actives on the market. This stems from years of work developing our proprietary hemp plant genetics, and fine tuning a proprietary cold processing method that captures holistically the full spectrum of organic actives. The outcome is organic full spectrum CBD oils with truly transformative effects.

The Benefits of Organic CBD Oil

  • Anxiety/Stress Reduction: simply put, organic CBD oil helps reduce your stress/anxiety by working on your body's stress receptors.
  • Pain Management: Many people use organic CBD oil to relieve pain: if you pick the right products, CBD oil's anti-inflammatory properties can be life changers. With NuuMe Organics, they are.
  • Sleep Benefits: if you're battling insomnia, restless sleep or general fatigue, CBD should help you improve your sleep disorders.
  • Others: each month, more peer reviewed research keeps pouring in on the countless effects of CBD. While we are not permitted to make legal claims, we like to stay on top of the published research when it comes to CBD.

Where Can I Buy Organic CBD Oil?

Depending on where you live (in or outside of the USA, in which US state...), the la might differ. In the US, you can now buy organic CBD oil at pharmacies, health stores or medical marijuana dispensaries. We might be a little bias, but we also like to recommend buying your organic CBD oil online, directly from the producer. 

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