Organic Hemp Farming + Regenerative agriculture.


USDA Organic certified CBD brand: NuuMe Organics

Organic Hemp Farming in Colorado

At NuuMe Organics, we are hemp geeks. As such, we create your product from seed to bottle.

We farm hemp, process it and manufacture the products you’ve grown so fond of, all organically, all with what we believe is the most tuned-in process in the industry.

Our hemp farm has been certified organic since 2016 (a small eternity in the CBD world). What that means is that neither our soil nor our plants have been in contact with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers since at least 2013 (it takes having a demonstrably pesticides-free soil for at least three years before being trying to apply for USDA Organic certification).

While not putting harmful chemicals on our plants strikes us as common sense, we go beyond that. We aim to make our soil, our ecosystem and therefore our plants are healthy and nutrients dense as possible. To that end, we have been practicing organic regenerative for years.

Regenerative Farming

Hemp Industry Association memberRegenerative farming has become somewhat of a buzz word in some circles. As a company, we have been practitioners of regenerative agriculture for years. What it means is that we do our best on a day to day basis to learn from, mimic and accompany Nature instead of fighting it. 

We conserve water through meticulous sub-surface drip irrigation. Additionally, we perform minimal tillage and work with both cover crops and companion crops for diversity and constant photosynthesis as well as constant carbon sequestration. Regenerative farming is at the core of what we do. We are stewards of our environment and are well aware that healthy, nutrient rich soils lead to healthy, rich and potent hemp. Which means better results for you when you use our products.

Breeding and Farming in Beautiful Colorado

You may wonder about our hemp. Well, we are very proud of it. We have been working on breeding the most therapeutic hemp for 5+ years. Considerable time, research, efforts and faith went into developing unique the cultivars we use to populate our hemp farm. We have gathered considerable knowledge, resulting in an ability to farm only the very best plants. Once selected, we plant our hemp and grow it organically, outdoors, under the beautiful Colorado sunshine. As both farmers and manufacturers, we are proud to be US-based, providing quality jobs and opportunity to our community.

Organic Hemp Farming in Colorado - NuuMe Organics