Organic CBD Manufacturing

After taking such good care of our soil, seeds and plants, we shift our focus to manufacturing, with one objective in mind: producing the most efficacious hemp products out there. 

Uniquely Tuned-in Hemp Extraction

Having been in the business for 6+ years (which is, believed it or not, a considerable amount of time in the CBD/hemp industry), we have had a chance to develop a unique, proprietary hemp extraction method.

By taking a unique spin on organic ethanol extraction, we manufacture a cold processed hemp extract with a remarkably full spectrum. Our hemp extract is not only rich in CBD, but also in other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and micronutrients. This boosts the entourage effect required to maximize efficacy. 


Organic CBD Manufacturing

With the priceless gem that is our organic hemp extract, we lovingly craft small batch products that our customers have grown to love for their efficacy and their value. Our FDA registered manufacturing facility is on the same site as our farm, in beautiful Colorado. We follow cGMP(current Good Manufacturing Practices) and we abide by the USDA Organic standards. The result is a line of product that is not only highly efficacious, but also certified organic. Fully in line with our values.


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