USDA Organic Certified CBD - why it matters.

USDA Organic CBD line: NuuMe Organics offers value in organic CBD

Our line is USDA Organic certified.

What does that mean?

Simply put, it means that our entire operation is certified organic by a third party entity which has thoroughly audited our farm, our facility, our production records, our vendors and the entirety of practices.

Given that we are vertically integrated (i.e. we make everything in-house, from seed to bottle), what this certification attests of is that our hemp farm, our extraction lab and our manufacturing facility are all organic. There is no understating how difficult it is to get a vertically integrated company USDA Organic certified. We are very proud of this certification and view it as a testament to our dedication, vision and professionalism.

Incidentally, we were the first company in the US to obtain USDA Organic certification for hemp products. Our hemp farm was certified in 2016 while our manufacturing facility was certified in 2018. Organic practices have been a part of our company's ethos since its very inception.Hemp is a bioaccumulator making Organic certification very desirable for CBD

Hemp being a bioaccumulator, it has the particularity of absorbing all the toxins and heavy metals contained in the soil it grow it. Hemp extraction does not typically remove these undesirable elements, which typically end up in many hemp/CBD products you may find in stores.

That is why USDA Organic certification is absolutely essential for hemp/CBD products, probably more so than for other items out there.

Inversely, when you purchase from Nuume Organics, you get products that contain:

  • no pesticides
  • no GMOs
  • no glyphosate residue
  • no chemicals
  • no hevay metals

You purchase from a small independent company that is and has been absolutely dedicated to spearheading and upholding organic practices.

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