What does 'Full Spectrum' mean and why is it beneficial?

Let's start with the basics: CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the hemp/cannabis plant. To obtain CBD, we farm hemp, then harvest it, dry it and finally extract its flower in order to obtain what is know as hemp extract.

Hemp extract is a gooey liquid that is very rich in CBD (40 to 65% CBD content on average). It also contains a multitude of other elements that also derive from the hemp plant. That is:

  • Additional cannabinoids (CBG, CBC, D9THC...)
  • Terpenes
  • Flavonoids
  • Micronutrients

At the point, several things can happen:

  • some companies take this full spectrum hemp extract and use it to make full spectrum products. Full spectrum products contain CBD, as well as other cannabinoids, high terpenes and flavonoids content and beneficial  micronutrients.
  • others choose to further process the hemp extract. Two main options:
    • further process the extract to obtain what is know as CBD Isolate (i.e. a white powder containing 99%+ CBD). Those products will be CBD only.
    • further process the extract with the objective to remove the Delta 9 THC molecules (i.e. what gets you high). Those products (referred to as broad spectrum) will have non detectable levels of D9-THC.

At NuuMe Organics, our mission, from the inception of the company five years ago, has always been to create the most therapeutic products possible. For that reason, our products are Full Spectrum.

Why you may wonder? 

Simple. Numerous studies have shown an increase in the therapeutic effect when CBD is administered in a "full spectrum" or "whole plant" extract. There is said to be a “symphonic” relationship between CBD and the other active compounds that are present, this is often referred to as the “entourage effect”.

At Nuume Organics, our focus for years has been to create products that are not 'just' full spectrum. We wanted an exceptionally Full Spectrum. How did we go about making this happen? Years of efforts, research and faith went into it.

- It all started at our farm, in beautiful Colorado, where we have been developing our own hemp cultivars since 2015. Selecting, breeding, carefully creating our own hemp genetics with the objective to obtain the fullest spectrum hemp cultivars out there. We are very proud of our plants. We don't sell our seeds or our hemp to anybody else. Our customers are the only ones who get to experience the spectrum our plants offer

- Regenerative organic farming is the second pillar to deliver the exceptional spectrum our customers love. We love our soil, our plants, our local ecosystem and work hard to mimic nature instead of opposing it. The result is a soil on our farm that is teeming with life. As a consequence, lab reports show that our extract is packed with wonderful micronutrients.

- The third essential aspect to obtain a truly full spectrum is how the plant gets extracted. Over the years, we have perfected a highly tuned in proprietary extraction. We have our own unique way of extracting, always with the objective to preserve the spectrum we work so hard to create at the farm. 

Comparing Full Spectrum CBD brand - Lab Reports Analysis

Yes. Firstly because when comparing our lab reports to that of other brands, Nuume's spectrum outshines all others. Immodestly, we believe it shows that NuuMe products are the most efficacious full spectrum CBD/hemp products on the market. 

More importantly, these efforts are worth it because they translate into life changing effects for our customers. NuuMe products were created with the purpose of being genuinely transformative. We are not out there to make a quick buck by surfing on the CBD hype. That is not us. Inversely, we are a small team, passionate about delivering the healing powers of the hemp plants to the world. We do this with humility, hard work and tremendous reverence form the wonderful gift to mankind that is hemp.