Organic CBD products: why organic matters even more for CBD

Organic CBD products: why organic matters even more for CBD 

1/ Hemp absorbs what is in the soil

Hemp is a unique plant. One of his many remarkable properties is its ability to clean up the soil it is planted in. As hemp grows, its roots absorb whatever is in the soil: healthy nutrients and minerals, yes, but also fertilizers, pesticides, heavy metals and pollutants.

This unique property of hemp is both good and bad.

Harnessed well, it helps scientists, farmers and local governments clean up heavily polluted soils. This wonderful practice is called phytoremediation.

2/ Healthy soils are primordial for hemp

The flip side of that coin is that hemp absorbs and therefore restitutes a lot on non desirable elements. In a recent experiment conducted by the team of Rocky Flats Downwinders, hemp plants which had been planted in a heavily polluted soil environments were analyzed and revealed weapons-grade plutonium levels (while control plants, grown in clean soil, had no detectable plutonium).

Organic CBD farm - NuuMe Organics

For customers looking to ingest or wear hemp product, making sure that hemp was planted in a healthy soil is therefore a very useful precaution. Now obviously, nobody has the time to do this kind of research, which is why we all rely on third party certifiers to guarantee that the products we buy meet the standards we seek. In other words, when it comes to shopping for hemp/CBD products, it is our firm belief that customers should look for organic CBD / hemp products.

3/ Saying 'Organic' just doesn't cut it

Organic CBD - NuuMe Organics leads the way

While many hemp brands make unsubstantiated 'organic' claims, at Nuume Organics, we believe customers deserve more. We believe CBD/hemp customers deserve the guarantees that come with an established, reputable third party certifier.

That is why at Nuume Organics we have sought out and obtained USDA Organic certification for our organic CBD products. The process to be USDA Organic certified is long, difficult and comes with a thorough audit of both our farm and our manufacturing facility. It requires utmost transparency and an impeccable record.

With that certification comes the assurance for our customers that no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were ever used on our soils. Now to be fair, like all standards, the USDA Organic certification is not perfect. But it is a wonderful start, a necessary one in our opinion when it comes to making and selling hemp products. 

We take that to the next level. For the past five years, we have been practicing regenerative agriculture to make sure our soil was not only not tainted but full of life and extremely rich in nutrients. 

The result of this approach shows in our lab reports. Nuume Organics products tend to outperform competition when it comes to the concentration in beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and micronutrients. 

We are proud and thankful that our vision, consistency and hard work ultimately benefit our customers.


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