NuuMe Organics aces Center for Food Safety scorecard - CBD and food safety

NuuMe Organics aces Center for Food Safety CBD scorecard

The Center for Food Safety literally gave NuuMe Organics an A in their latest Hemp CBD scorecard. :-) This is a great recognition of our efforts to meet the highest food safety standards, above and beyond what regulators ask for.

NuuMe Organics outperforms many reputable brands. It is a great honor to be recognized by an established and indedependent third party. This places NuuMe Organics at the very top of the CBD industry when it comes to food safety standards and transparency.

CBD and Food Safety - NuuMe Organics outshines competition

CBD and food safety 

When it comes to producing ingestible CBD products, food safety ought to be a prime concern for both retailers and end-users. It is for us. At NuuMe Organics, we have made food safety an essential part of our manufacturing process. For many companies out there to make a quick buck, CBD and food safety don't necessarily add up to great results. When it comes to food safety, it is and has been our policy to go above and beyond what regulators require. 


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