Rebranding adventures: how Nature's Love became NuuMe Organics

Legacy: a tribute to Nature's Love

Many of you have known us for several years under the brand Nature's Love. Nature's Love was the first hemp/CBD brand to receive the USDA Organic certification. Nature's Love loyal customers loved our deep commitment to organic and regenerative practices, they loved our resolute ethical positioning and above all, they loved how helpful the products were to them.

In 2019, we identified a trademarking roadblock with the name Nature's Love and opted to stay ahead of the curve by going through a rebrand.  

Rebranding adventures: brand name and visual identity

Once the decision was made to engage in a rebrand, we had to pick a new name. Not as easy an endeavor as it seems given the extreme saturation. We opted for the name NuuMe Organics as it was simple, pithy and reflected the transformative nature of our products.

As we like to do things well, we hired a design agency to help us give a new visual identity to our products. We were adamant not to change anything about our products formulations and ingredients. We knew they helped our customers tremendously and we wanted to maintain that continuity. But we knew the look and feel of our line left much room for improvement. 

We worked with a talented team of designers and artists to come up with the look that you can now see on this site. Logo design, colors, verbiage, positioning, compliance messaging all were subject to multiple iterations. We worked hard at it and could not be happier with the result.

Hello NuuMe Organics, you special thing!

From its inception, the company's mission was to make the healing power of hemp accessible to all. We seized the opportunity that this rebrand offered to make a few key decisions, in line with our mission:

  • Lowering prices - significantly. Our drops are now the best value Organic CBD products on the market
  • Increasing the CBD content: we opted to make our drops line more readable 500mg/1500mg CBD (vs. 450/1350 with Nature's Love).
  • Making products compliant: many states have passed legislation requiring specific verbiage on packaging. our products are now fully compliant in all 50 states.
  • Glass vs. plastic: all of our containers are now 100% glass. No more plastic containers! 
  • Beautiful packaging: NuuMe Organics' products are all beautifully designed and all come in an elegant box 

The outcome of this rebrand is a clear net positive for our customers: they get more for less. What do we get: the satisfaction of a job well done and lots of excitement about what's coming. By offering what we view as the best products on the market at a price significantly lower than our competitors, we are simply happy to know that our potent and now beautiful products will reach and help more and more people.  

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