Our Values and being mission-driven

Our values
"People before Profits" is our motto.

Our values are simple and time tested:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Culture of extreme quality 
  • Humility

Our objective: Making the most therapeutic hemp products 

As a company, we are mission-driven. Our mission is to give people everywhere an opportunity to experience the therapeutic power of hemp. To that end, we go through considerable amount of efforts to create products that are not just hemp or CBD products. What we create is NuuMe products, i.e. products which are truly transformative. 

Since we value our mission over our profits, we also find personal fulfilment in setting bold price points. We want you and your loved ones to experience the transformative effects of our products.

Since our inception we have been breeding for the most efficacious hemp cultivars, and farming them in a highly regenerative organic system. We dove into deep analysis of extraction techniques in order to design the unique cold extraction process we still use today to gently harness the complete spectrum of active components and deliver them to our customers.

We love hearing from clients "I haven’t tried any other products that come close to yours in terms of effectiveness”.