Hemp harvest in full swing at the NuuMe organic hemp farm

Harvest started a few days ago on our beautiful organic hemp farm. We are so excited and thankful for the stunning quality of our plants this year. 

Harvest season comes with significant stress for any farmer. But it is also a time to remember that we have so much to be thankful for, that the Creator is infinitely generous and the Mother Nature keeps on giving, year after year. In the chaos of 2020, being reminded of this is a genuine privilege. 

We harvest our hemp by hand. As always, we don't believe in cutting corners. Nothing beats the magic combo of human eye and hand to execute the right movement. The team works hard, under the beautiful Colorado sunshine, to harvest our beloved plants. The friendly presence of countless butterflies and ladybugs contributes to keeping everyone upbeat and happy.

Organic Hemp Plant for high quality organic CBD by Nuume Organics

Take a look at the beautiful pictures taken on the field yesterday. If you wonder where the actives come from in the hemp plant, they come from the amazingly rich and giving hemp flower. The beautiful bud above gives you an idea of the generosity of Mother Nature (and of the outstanding work of our farm team).

Walking our field thinking of the tremendous relief our beautiful plants will bring to people in the coming months is an absolute joy. Each one of these plants is designed and destined to bring relief and help alleviate pain, tension and hurt.

Beautiful organic hemp farm - Nuume Organics CBD

After a plant is harvested, we load her up and take her to our farm building to start the drying process. But let's keep that for another post... :-) There is obviously a lot more work to do before these beautiful plants can be used in NuuMe products .

If you would like to support a small organic hemp farm working hard to do the right thing, please try or gift one of our products. We feel pretty confident that your health will benefit greatly from it. 

Organic Hemp CBD Drops by NuuMe Organics


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